Why put money in the kitchen?

The heart of the home has always been the kitchen. People tend to gravitate to the kitchen and it is no longer just the place where you cook and eat. It has become the home office, homework area, bar, and hang out area. It is important to love the room where you spend the most time. It is also important that the improvements you make add value to the home for future owners. The kitchen is the best investment for your home. In fact it is one of the smartest investments you can make in today’s economic climate. It can literally make or break a deal when you are trying to sell your home.


Why Finance?

Variations in expenses due to the seemingly endless choices in product and design often necessitates financing some or all of a project. For many it’s smart to at least have a finance plan in place should they require additional funds to complete their project. Performance Kitchens prides itself in providing sensible design and durable products. A quality Performance Kitchen can lasts for decades with care, so why not spread the payments especially when the interest on the loan is often tax deductible.*

Many people do not wish to touch their savings or any investment accounts which may have depreciated in today’s economic environment. Instead they choose to leave their monies invested planning on future (long-term) recovery. They then use a home equity line of credit to make improvements to their home. This is not only a long term investment into their real-estate but gives them years of enjoyment. It seems wise today to spend more time at home and less time and money on vacations especially when you consider that things will only be more expensive in the future.


Why Finance Now?

  • Many people consider home improvement as the safest investment you can make during economic decline.
  • You will get to enjoy your home now while adding future value.
  • There is no better time to update your kitchen. Often, you can get deals from manufacturers and breaks from freight costs. At no time will it be less expensive then now.
  • Improving your home often results in an improved lifestyle. People often start entertaining more or discover a new love for cooking as opposed to spending at restaurants.
  • Homeowners can often incorporate improvements of a new home into a re-finance or upgrades into the mortgage.*

Why consider a home equity loan?

A Home Equity line of credit is much more flexible then a conventional loan. When working on a home renovation project you are never writing just one check. So instead of taking out a conventional loan and paying interest from the start, you can open a home equity line of credit and you only get charged interest on the amount you have used as the project progresses. The interest is tax deductible and there are no pre-payment penalties on home equity lines of credit.*

*Contact your financial advisor for your specific details.


How do I get started?

Performance Kitchens has various finance options available from first class local lenders to whom we have referred for years. You will be treated with the utmost professionalism and your business will be appreciated. You will incur no additional costs for our financing referral and you will receive very competitive rates. These lenders know us and they are fully aware of the value and quality that goes into every Performance Kitchen. This is important because they also know that the loan will be secured by adding true value to the home.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or for a list of competitive direct lenders or to find out who can most efficiently help you establish a Home Equity line of credit or refinance your mortgage. If you prefer contact your local bank or credit union. In any case, it is advisable that you attend to this simultaneously with the design process or before making your cabinetry purchase so that you can keep the project moving.

The heart of the home

People tend to gravitate to the kitchen and it is no longer just the place where you cook and eat