Kitchen Cabinet Choices
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Kitchen cabinets are the most eye catching feature in any kitchen and can easily make or break the way your kitchen looks and feels. It’s important to find kitchen cabinets that are suited to your likings and luckily these days the choices are endless. Kitchen cabinets come in many standard stock looks available in many styles for different uses such as wine cabinets, glass-front display cabinets or extra deep cabinets.

However for those looking for unique kitchen cabinets, Performance Kitchens carpenters are fully capable of fabricating custom kitchen cabinets from any type of wood requested. Please consider the more exotic and rarer wood types requested for custom kitchen cabinets are often much more expensive however they can bring out a kitchens potential wonderfully well.
Kitchen Cabinets
A more preferable alternative to the more expensive wood types for kitchen cabinets are laminates. Kitchen cabinet laminates allow kitchen cabinets to last much longer by being more resistant to sagging from weight and are cheaper than hardwood kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet laminates are also available in a huge variety of colors and designs making them a popular kitchen cabinet choice.

Additionally, specialty kitchen cabinets such as pull-out cabinets or lazy-Suzan cabinets can be handmade to fit your kitchens needs. Our carpenters can also create custom kitchen cabinets that need to fit specific dimensions for kitchens needing to make the most of a tight space.

It’s also important to take in how the rest of your kitchen looks when considering your new kitchen cabinets. This would include considering what your appliances look like, from dishwasher to refrigerator and even your toaster or microwave, but even considering what your chairs and counter tops look like. You want your appliances and your kitchen cabinets to complement each other in the end.

Additional factors to consider for Kitchen Cabinets:

  • As the kitchen cabinets age, environment factors such as sunlight can impact the way kitchen cabinets look.
  • Environments in which kitchen cabinets are exposed to smoke for a prolonged period of time will cause a noticeable discoloration of lighter finished kitchen cabinets.
  • Depending on the wood, colors may fade as well as get darker than expected.
  • Consider indoor heating sources near kitchen cabinets will cause warping in unprotected kitchen cabinets

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