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Kitchen Cabinets are the face of any premier kitchen.  Although the kitchen cabinet possibilities are endless, kitchen cabinets can be made to fill any need or application.  They can also withstand decades of use when made from top quality hardwoods and laminates.  Choosing quality kitchen cabinets can seem daunting, but a few aspects can help bring choosing into focus.

Most kitchen cabinets are based around stock sizes.  These are usually used for storage of flatware and glasses, but can be built to any custom size to fit in your kitchen.  Wine cabinets, slide-out cabinets, and lazy-suzan cabinets are examples of specialty size kitchen cabinets and are used in corners or smaller spaces.   Take note of how many kitchen cabinets you currently have when choosing new kitchen cabinets and decide on if more space is needed or available.  Modifying the current space to include kitchen cabinets with slide-out shelves can increase the storage space significantly.

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Kitchen Designs
Kitchen Cabinets

Our skilled carpenters can fabricate kitchen cabinets to match any color or stain of your choice and the cabinets can be built with any type of wood you request.  Exotic woods such as bird’s eye maple or zebrawood can be pricy but can also bring a world of beauty to your kitchen cabinets.  We recommend kitchen cabinets made out of hard woods rather than laminates because they last longer and can handle more weight without sagging.

Kitchen cabinet hardware is also an important aspect and should match throughout your kitchen.  If you have stainless steel appliances, choose stainless steel hardware for your kitchen cabinets.  You can even get sink faucets and small appliances like toasters which can match your kitchen cabinets as well.

Another aspect is the countertops.  Choose a countertop color or style which compliments your kitchen cabinets.  A dark marble countertop for example will go well with most kitchen cabinets, however there are some colors and styles which may not.  Our kitchen designers can assist you with choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets for your dream kitchen.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Performance Kitchens' kitchen cabinetss will transform the look of your kitchen into a modern, effecient, and beautiful space. Our kitchen cabinetss are built by professional carpenters and will last for years to come.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Designs Can Include:

  • Wine Cabinets
  • Flatware Cabinets
  • Slide-out Hardware
  • Glass fronts
  • Extra depth for storage
  • Lazy-Suzan's
  • Specialty Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Can Transform any Kitchen:

  • Kitchen Cabinets for professional cooks or those who just want a beautiful space in which to eat
  • Kitchen Cabinets for Commercial Buildings
  • Kitchen Cabinets for Single Family Homes
  • Kitchen Cabinets for Pool Houses
  • Kitchen Cabinets for people who enjoy showcasing collections such as glassware, cookbooks, and more

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