Kitchen Design Themes
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Kitchen Design Themes

A kitchen has to hold something above the rest, a general overall consensus on what makes a true kitchen design great. Kitchen design themes are those keys to a complete kitchen with a variety of areas that can make your kitchen stand out from all the rest.

Performance Kitchens & Home recommends kitchen design themes to tie your whole kitchen together between all the different elements that make up the kitchen. To get started on your kitchen design now with Performance Kitchens & Home call us at 215.482.0700 or fill out the form along the right to get more information. For now, here are just a few popular kitchen design themes people consider right now.

Kitchen Design Theme # 1 – Style or Era Themes

There are several parts that can make up a kitchen design and a great place to start with your kitchen design themes is with a style or even an era theme. You can choose between styles of wood, counters, cabinet styles, appliances, even lighting to start and work out from there on your kitchen design theme. Some style kitchen design themes can go together, some not so much.

A kitchen designer from Performance Kitchens & Home can help you choose what goes together. An era kitchen design theme is how modern your kitchen appears, or how vintage, how classic, how retro, etc. The type of appliances, colors, finishes, even lights can give your kitchen an era kitchen design theme unlike anyone else.

Kitchen Design Theme #2 – Materials Themes

In kitchen design themes, combining materials is an art-form to get right. Combining metal, brick, wood, stone, laminate, plastic, glass, and other materials into a single kitchen design theme can become chaotic. Choose your number one favorite material for a kitchen design theme and build slowly on that.

A metal counter top is a bold choice for example but it should be paired with something opposite like wood cabinets to bring balance or continue the same style of 21st century modern with flat white finished cabinets to hold the theme. Keep your kitchen design themes close together and the materials of the same types or complimentary for a truly great kitchen.

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