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When a fresh kitchen design is needed, it’s often best to consult a kitchen designer for their experience and input, but the question that often remains is how do you go about finding and then hiring the right kitchen designer? Luckily it’s not a hard question to answer and there are a few great ways to go about hiring a kitchen designer that will meet your needs!

Word Of Mouth

First and foremost, the best method is to talk to your friends, family and neighbors! Chances are one of them has worked with a kitchen designer before. Ask about their experience with the designer as well. It’s important to know whether or not they’ll suit your needs, not just what your neighbors were wanting at the time. Chances are if they’d use them again, they’re worth contacting.


Google is one of the quickest ways to narrow down kitchen designers in your area simply by typing in “kitchen designers in [your city here]” in the search bar. The greatest benefit to this method is it makes interviewing your potential designer a snap. If they’re a confident kitchen designer, they’ll not only provide testimonials from previous clients, but also a portfolio where you can view their work which allows you to gauge their design style. Not to mention the actual design of their website as a whole can often represent the image they’re going for, whether it be clean, cut and professional or quirky, colorful and creative.

Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Designer Databases

Similarly to finding a kitchen designer on Google, you can often find entire websites devoted to providing detailed reviews of individual kitchen designers as well as entire design companies. Even the more sophisticated ones allow you to narrow your search using filters which could apply to the budget you’d like to work with, the area you’re in, how much involvement you’d like, even the sex of the designer if that’s important to you.

Interview Kitchen Designers

Remember, in the beginning stages you aren’t bound to any one kitchen designer. If you find one you like, make note of where you found them, what you liked about them and their contact information, but don’t stop with just them. Unless you’ve found your perfect match, it is definitely worth the time to continue your search to see if you’ve perhaps missed a better fitting candidate.

Try to have a list of at least 3 potential kitchen designers you’d consider hiring and set up a meeting with each of them. List out what you’re looking for in your design and try to get a good feel for how you think your kitchen designer would work. Once you’ve met up with each of the designers, choosing who you think would be the best fit should be easy.

The Difference Is In The Details

Thankfully, Performance Kitchens offers everything listed above and more! We proudly display our previous works in our portfolio section as well as client testimonials accompanied by photos of the work we’ve done for them. Also check out our unique six step design process featured on HGTV. We’d also invite you to meet our experienced Performance Kitchens design team here.

Schedule an appointment with us today and you’ll see how Performance Kitchens can make a difference in your kitchen.

Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Performance Kitchens' employs professional kitchen designers that will help you design your kitchen into a modern, effecient, and beautiful space. Our kitchen designers have years of experience creating kitchens that will work for you for years to come.

Our Kitchen Designers Don't Overlook Anything:

  • Flooring
  • Counters
  • Backsplashes and tile
  • Cabinetry
  • Hardware
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Appliance Locations

Kitchen Designers for All Lifestyles:

  • Kitchen Designers for professional cooks or those who just want a beautiful space in which to eat
  • Kitchen Designers for Commercial Buildings
  • Kitchen Designers for Single Family Homes
  • Kitchen Designers that are Technologically Savvy
  • Kitchen Designers for people who enjoy showcasing collections such as glassware, cookbooks, and more

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