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When selecting a kitchen designer, look for like minded people that understand your needs and are experienced enough to tell you how a kitchen design should go from A to Z. A kitchen designer should provide you references to contact and a thorough portfolio with photos of their past jobs.

Don't be afraid to ask for examples or even schedule some visits to interview past clients since your kitchen is a huge investment and will effect the resale value of your entire home. After you feel comfortable with your kitchen designer, start asking questions about what they need from you and what you expect from them.

Kitchen Designer
Performance Kitchens' Kitchen Designers

Our Kitchen Designers at Performance Kitchens want to help answer your questions and will always have your deliverables to you on time, ready to review. Most of the research and heavy lifting will be done by your kitchen designer so your involvement will most likely include a lot of the choices from the selections they provide. Our kitchen designers can be as involved or helpful as you want. Meaning, don't be afraid to over-rule a suggestion made by a kitchen designer, they can only guide you in a direction but the final choices are yours.

As a kitchen designer starts to finalize the plan for your kitchen, review everything. The smallest details are usually the most important. Since a kitchen design takes time, go back and review the kitchen designers notes and suggestions before it's too late. Last minute changes are usually the most costly so your best advice is to stay on top of the kitchen designer and keep track of all items that are finalized.

Once the construction begins, there could be unforeseen issues or obstacles, ask the kitchen designer for suggestions because most have experienced everything before. They may even have a quick fix that you may not know about until you ask. Utilizing your kitchen designer as a resource is what is going to keep your kitchen design on time and on budget in the long run. Let your kitchen designer help you, that's why they are there.

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Kitchen Designer

Performance Kitchens' kitchen designers can help you update your kitchen into a modern, effecient, and beautiful space. Our kitchen designers are experienced in creating kitchens that will work for you for years to come.

Your Kitchen Designer Can Also Help You With:

  • Flooring
  • Counters
  • Backsplashes and tile
  • Cabinetry
  • Hardware
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Appliance Locations

Kitchen Designers for All Lifestyles:

  • Kitchen Designers for professional cooks or those who just want a beautiful space in which to eat
  • Kitchen Designers for Commercial Buildings
  • Kitchen Designers for Single Family Homes
  • Kitchen Designers that are Technologically Savvy
  • Kitchen Designers for people who enjoy showcasing collections such as glassware, cookbooks, and more

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