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Modern kitchen designs can vary from a minimalist approach to the very fancy. The possibilities are endless, and because of that most kitchen design is done by a hired designer with key input from the homeowner. A good kitchen design firm will be able to help pick the best materials and appliances that best suit the taste of the homeowner.

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Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

Using custom stone work in your kitchen design is one of the trendy things currently. Stone has a very unique look which can create an amazing feel to your kitchen design. Granite, Marble, Slate, and Soapstone are the most common types of stone used in kitchen design and depending on the application each type of stone has its benefits and drawbacks though. When choosing a stone to use with your kitchen design, take into consideration how much maintenance you’d be alright with.

Porosity is one of the main factors to look at when choosing a stone for your kitchen design. Although all stone is porous, some are more so than others. A sealant is commonly used to reduce the risk of stains. Granite is one of the most porous stones due to the calcite it contains, so a thick sealant is used to protect the stone from foods and acids that may be used on it.

A stones mineral content determines how hard or soft the stone is. Soapstone is a fairly soft type of stone which is great for a splash back or stone tiled wall in many kitchen designs. Kitchen designers will let you know how soft a stone is and how easily scratched, which can dictate where its best used.

Stone is also graded similar to diamonds, on a scale of A to D. Stones with the fewest inclusions and lowest amount of veining are graded closer to A. A kitchen design using high grade stone will have a much nicer outcome; however will cost quite a bit more. Depending on the type and amount of stone used, a kitchen designer can let you know what grade of stone is best suited for your project.

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A new kitchen design can change both the look and function of your cooking and entertaining space. Performance Kitchens will make sure your new kitchen design elements come together beautifully by striving for the best possible kitchen design with:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Finishes / Materials
  • Kitchen Flooring size, tile colors, & materials
  • Kitchen appliance finishes including built-ins
  • Kitchen lighting plans / window treatments
  • Painting walls, ceilings, and trim, or resurfacing
  • Expanding kitchen space; adding or removing walls, new windows and doors

Kitchen Design

Performance Kitchens' kitchen design projects highlight and enable all the functionality potential of your kitchen into a place to entertain, socialize, cook, and enjoy everyday life. Your new kitchen design will have a huge impact on your home because it won't just look great, your kitchen design layout can improved efficiency, making cooking and clean-up faster and easier than ever before. As well as increase the actual property value significantly with an updated kitchen.

A Performance Kitchens' kitchen design won't miss anything:

  • Flooring
  • Counters
  • Backsplashes and tile
  • Cabinetry
  • Hardware
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Appliance Locations

There is a Kitchen Design for All Lifestyles:

  • Kitchen Design for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Kitchen Design for high energy efficiency enthusiasts
  • Kitchen Design for large families or entertaining
  • Kitchen Design based on material and colors
  • Kitchen Design for people who enjoy showcasing collections such as glassware, cookbooks, and more


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