Kitchen Trends – 2019 Kitchen Color Trends

Kitchen Trends – 2019 Kitchen Color Trends

By Nancy Forman

Kitchen trends encompass a range of kitchen elements including cabinets, the selection of appliances, countertops and surfaces, flooring, back-splashes and seating.

For all of these elements, color is a unifying element. From the color of the paint on your kitchen’s walls to the color of your surfaces and appliances it is important to choose colors that will enhance your kitchen and reflect your personal style.

The following are some 2019 Kitchen Color Trends I have been contemplating for 2019:

1) Whites, Creams & Ivory Colors

White, cream and ivory colors for cabinets and walls provide a kitchen with a clean and fresh look that accentuates the other color accents in your kitchen.


These white cabinets team with walls painted in crisp white. This warm but neutral palette allows elements like the brown window frame, multi-hued tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and black stove top grates to pop and draw attention to the e

2) Blue

To give your white or cream cabinets a lively and contemporary feeling, blue is the perfect color.

The white cabinetry, surfaces and white paint accents around the perimeter of this kitchen are spare and elegant and make a sophisticated design on their own. However, we worked with the homeowners of this beautiful kitchen to add these rich blue tiles and blue sides to the island to give the room a bold and modern twist.


Blue is on the cool end of the color spectrum, so it complements the bright whites and warm brown of the floor.

3) Purples, Plums & Lavenders

Dramatic hues of purple, plum and lavender provide a unique beauty all their own and are set to become a major kitchen color trend.

Purple, in general, suggests royalty and as a result, deliver a rich, luxurious feel to kitchens.

2019 Kitchen Color Trends


Note how well the richly-colored wood cabinets and black seating pairs with the walls and ceilings of this beautiful kitchen.

For an even more dramatic kitchen trend statement that reflects 2019 Kitchen Color Trends, pair dark plum kitchen cabinetry with shades of gray.

4) The Mediterranean Kitchen Palette

The Mediterranean 2019 Kitchen Color Trend appeals to many homeowners, particularly those interested in adding a bright, sunny and relaxing style to their kitchen space.

Bright colors are often used as accents in Mediterranean kitchens and inventive tile work is common. Floors and walls often feature soothing, natural colors and textures that reflect the unhurried aspects of Mediterranean culture.


One of the most important features of any Mediterranean kitchen trend design is color. Walls, countertops and floors often feature beachy and sandy browns and beiges, which in turn allow the design to be highlighted with bolder colors elsewhere.

When it comes to materials, Mediterranean kitchens tend toward natural tones. Hardwood floors are common and extend the bright and welcoming feel. Cabinets are often constructed from high-quality woods like cherry; they can be left in their natural state, stained or painted to add a colorful element to the design. Backsplashes may be terracotta or mosaic tile, and present a great opportunity to add color, visual interest and even an artistic element to the kitchen design.

Small appliances like toaster ovens, coffee makers and mixers are now available in a wide range of colors, many of which will pair nicely with a Mediterranean design. Cutlery, large utensils and cookware also come in a range of colors to provide a pop of color and some visual interest to your design.

5) Shades of Gray

For many homeowners, white is often the desired paint color for their kitchens, and for good reason. It gives the space plenty of lightness, joins well with a huge range of appliances and fixtures, and feels relaxing and unobtrusive in what is usually the busiest area of the home.

For a fresh update that’s just as timeless and versatile, I often suggest shades of gray. Gray offers a modern color palette that still feels balanced and serene.

Gray tones provide a sophisticated and clean background that makes artwork, wood, and metal look fantastic. It doesn’t matter if the home is traditional or modern – gray is a fantastic choice.

2019 Kitchen Color Trends


6) Dark-Colored Furniture

Dark browns, shades of gray and black and gray remain useful and popular 2019 Kitchen Color Trend in furniture. Both colors may stand alone or may be combined with traditional colors like white or wood finishes in order to create a bold statement in your kitchen.

2019 Kitchen Color Trends


If you are interested you can see more pictures of this beautiful kitchen that we like to call “cocktails and conversation