2023 Kitchen Design Trends From Performance Kitchens & Home

Many people are asking what the 2023 kitchen design trends will be, so we decided to share our top predictions. These are the 2023 kitchen design trends that our clients are talking about, including the trends that are newly emerging in our industry as well as those that are staying the same.

Extra-Large Refrigerators
Large refrigerators have been hot for several years, but they are now becoming a standard feature in many new kitchens.
Part of this trend was started during COVID. Many people wanted to travel to their supermarket less frequently and over-sized fridges were part of the answer. This is also part of the drive to making kitchens more convenient with new refrigerators having a range of smart features that can automate a number of kitchen functions.
Also, some people just like the statement that a big fridge makes in their kitchen.

2023 Kitchen Design Trends from Performance Kitchens & Home

Porcelain Countertops
Although granite, quartzite and marble have been the most popular materials for new kitchen countertops, porcelain has now become a real option. Not only are modern porcelains non-porous and scratch and damage resistant they are beautiful! Porcelain countertops come in a wide range of colors and styles and should be considered for any new kitchen design project.

2023 Kitchen Design Trends from Performance Kitchens & Home

Cabinets to the ceiling
Kitchen Cabinets are the focal point for many kitchens and there are many options and decisions you need to make when choosing cabinets for your new kitchen. These include color, style and organizational features for the cabinets you have selected. Alone, these questions are enough to confound even the best researched consumer. Amidst all of this, one question is more straight forward than it may seem: Should your cabinetry go to the ceiling or not?
We did a full post on this very question. Click here to read it.

Black Backsplashes & Countertops
Black countertops and backsplashes add a touch of drama to a kitchen. In the kitchen shown here, the light cabinetry is given additional contrast when it is paired with a black countertop and kitchen backsplash. Put together, they create a seamless look and a backdrop for the gleaming tap and any decorative objects.

Architectural Pendant Lighting
Kitchen lighting is sometimes an overlooked part of a new kitchen design. But what we emphasize is that the right lighting can transform a room and a successful lighting plan will usually need to be layered and include a combination of mood, task, and feature lighting.
While every aspect of the lighting is important, the lighting which goes over the island is an opportunity to make a statement. For the last few years, the drop pendant – usually put up as a trio, has dominated when it comes to kitchen island lighting. But this year we see striking architecture lighting looks that really make a statement.

Textured Surfaces
Texture may have been something we’re used to in living room trends and bedrooms for years, but it’s only recently we’ve seen it incorporated into kitchens. Concrete and textured stone and tile finishes are all being used more often as kitchen materials
The look is all about giving a kitchen depth, making it less about clean lines and hard surfaces and more about creating a layered look with different materials.
We expect that in 2023 there will be excitement surrounding materials such as metallics, concrete and textured doors featuring heavy wood grains as well as marble-effect and stone finishes.

Slab backsplashes
A slab backsplash is a wall of interrupted granite, marble or other stone that is beautiful and adds a dramatic look to one of the focal points of a new kitchen.
Slab backsplashes also have a great impact on the design and color palette for the rest of the kitchen.

Distinctive Sinks & Basins
In recent years, sink hardware has gotten most of the attention. Now, more attention is being paid to the sinks themselves. Going beyond just the obvious stainless or ceramic options, manufacturers are now making more sinks from granite, marble, concrete and other materials and are adding unique design flairs to them.

2023 Kitchen Design Trends from Performance Kitchens & Home

Sustainable Design Choices
We see movement from our clients towards kitchen construction materials will be coming from sustainable and natural sources. Also, we will be seeing trends towards reusing materials and “upcycling”.

Grey Kitchens – Are They Still in Style?
Grey kitchens are never going out of style – they are easy to live with, soothing, calming, and allow for you to experiment with brighter shades on accessories or tiles.

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