“I absolutely love the functionality, flow and feel of my kitchen.”

I met with Performance Kitchen for a kitchen plan that was a tall order! I wanted all the features of a new kitchen squeezed into the space of an old small farmhouse kitchen with a large pantry. Performance Kitchen was the only company (after meeting with several) that was able to give me what I hoped for in a new kitchen. They thought “out of the box” and really delivered a smart design that made excellent use of the space. They made terrific recommendations and suggestions and were a pleasure to work with. They have a staff of really kind, caring people. The kitchen they helped us create really is a beautiful blend of new state of the art comfort and functionality with a bit of old world feel, which is exactly what I wanted.

The cabinets met my husbands exceptionally high standards and all my aesthetic needs as well. The lighting plan we purchased has illuminated the space so beautifully and Performance Kitchens had some great ideas for both function and aesthetics of the lighting. The result allows me to create just the right mood and atmosphere that I want with the different lighting fixtures and dimmers.

I absolutely love the functionality, flow and feel of my kitchen. Everything looks and works so beautifully. I love relaxing in it and cooking in it as well. There really isn’t anything I would change. Performance Kitchens is extremely capable and has all the experience necessary to do a great job. I am sure you will love the results you will get working with this fine organization.