Avoiding Mistakes in The Kitchen Design Process Will Save You A World Of Pain

Managing your own kitchen design process can lead to costly and unnecessary mistakes. At Performance Kitchens, we make sure that your project is handled perfectly and comes in on budget, on time and meets your every expectation.

The following are some of the things we have seen where consumers have gotten themselves into trouble when trying to manage their own kitchen projects:

Error 1: Involving a Home Improvement Contractor Before the Kitchen Design is Finalized.
As with architects, involving a home improvement contractor before the kitchen design is finalized can be a big mistake. Contractors are not designers and they need the completed specifications and detailed plans before they can begin work or even properly quote on a job. If they begin work without the final plans, the result can be costly mistakes and budget over-runs. Furthermore, having your plans in place will let you shop for quotes from a number of contractors and will offer you the best opportunity to get the best bid before you start.

Error 2: Selecting and Purchasing your Kitchen Surfaces Before the Design Plan is Completed.
Many people fall in love with a particular slab of quartzite, soapstone, marble or granite as their first step and then want to design their kitchen around it. It shouldn’t work that way. A sophisticated designer, like those at Performance Kitchens, will create kitchen renderings and mock-ups that will show you how the different patterns, colors and materials in various surface materials will look in your final kitchen.

Another mistake that people make when securing a particular surface on their own is that they may not be familiar with the different porosities and repellent properties of the different stone types. It may be that the surface you picked could stain over time. Also, having the exact cutting dimensions of your kitchen’s surfaces will allow you to work with a granite yard with confidence so that you can secure that special piece of surface material as soon as you spot it.

By talking first with a Performance Kitchen expert, you can avoid these pitfalls.

Error 3: Starting Off with Architectural Designs
Starting your kitchen build process by securing architectural designs is premature because the architect won’t know what they are modifying until your plans are completed by a kitchen designer. For instance, you may want to knock down a wall that you think is a load-bearing structure, but you could change your mind once the kitchen design has been established.

The best thing you can do is to come up with a plan with an experienced kitchen designer and only then involve other professionals like architects and home improvement contractors. They will then know what your final vision for the space is and can do their work accordingly. Then, they will work with your architect or recommend one that we know and respect. This will save you time, money and hassle.

Error 4: Securing Your Appliances Too Early in The Process
Many people fall in love with a new appliance (like a stove) that they saw on TV, at a home show or heard about from friends. They then purchase that appliance and try to build a kitchen around it. Given the price of high-quality appliances, this can be a costly mistake.

In fact, you may find that you may want to use an appliance that has the same features, functions and look, but which doesn’t have the high price-tag of some of today’s high-end appliances. The money saved on this side of the project can be used for other aspects of the kitchen like cabinets, flooring or granite.

The best way to approach this is to work with a professional kitchen design firm who will present you with different options, looks and configurations for your future kitchen. During our planning stages we have seen many people completely change their opinions about the appliances they want and, had they been stuck with an appliance they originally thought they wanted, they would have been very unhappy.

Error 5: Beginning Tear-Down Before the Kitchen Design is Finalized.
We have seen cases where some people will actually begin the demolition of their existing kitchen before they have and finalized kitchen redesign plan. Not only will it take time to have elements like appliances and cabinetry ordered and delivered, a good home improvement contractor will also want the final plans in place before they begin any work.

Trust us. It is best to have all of your plans finalized and your orders in place before you even consider the demolition. Ultimately, we are confident that doing things in the right order will save you time, money and a lot of headaches.