Bathroom Designs & Trends – 2021

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Performance Kitchens & Home is the leader in kitchen designs in the Philadelphia area. New clients are always asking us what the latest bathroom designs and trends are, so we’ve created this guide for 2021. These are some of our top take-aways from what customers want and what the current design trends are for bathroom designs.

Large Sized Wall Tiles

Recently, large sized wall tiles have become very popular, especially in bathroom design. Large tiles make a very big visual statement and provide the added benefit of showing fewer grout lines. Fewer grout lines not only make for a smoother and more continuous look, but they are also easier to clean.

Large sized wall tiles also add a high-end look to bathrooms when paired with natural and manufactured stone surfaces. These materials fit in nicely with the 2021 bathroom color trends that feature warm hues of brown, beige and other neutral tones.

Large sized bathroom wall tiles from Performance Kitchens & Home

Mixed Bathroom Tile Types

Despite the trend towards large format bathroom tiles, many of our clients are still in love with mixed tile types.

In this beautiful master bath, we used three different types of tile that come together in a beautiful and striking blend.

Mixed bathroom tiles from Performance Kitchens & Home

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Quartz countertops are all the rage, and the reasons are somewhat obvious. Fitting in well with today’s modern bath designs, quartz surfaces have elegant and smooth profiles with fewer seams, which also bolsters their status as a low-maintenance stone

As one of the hardest natural stones, quartz is not only resistant to stains and scratches, but it is also a breeze to maintain. In fact, one bathroom trend report found that over 70% of bathroom designers selected it as the prime material for countertops in bathrooms.

Quartz is also the perfect material for today’s increased focus on cleanliness. Quartz non-porous surface means that it is naturally less conducive to hosting bacteria – a big plus today!

Performance Kitchens & Home customers tend to prefer quartz countertops with lighter and warmer finishes, which fit with the overall trend to warmer colors.

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Wood-Look Tiles and Heated Flooring

Another hot trend in 2021 is the movement to porcelain and ceramic tiles that come in natural hardwood finishes. These natural wood-look tiles complement the organic style trend that has become increasing en vogue in both baths and kitchens in 2021.

The other large trend is to install heated floors in a new bathroom. The comfort of a warm bathroom floor cannot be underestimated.

bathroom designs from Performance Kitchens

Integrated Bathroom Lighting

Integrated bathroom lighting has been a specialty of the designers at Performance Kitchens & Home even before it was the hot trend that it is in 2021. Just look at the subtle and beautiful effect that the integrated lighting provides in this master bath. It reflects the elegance and sophistication of the home that this beautiful bathroom lives in.

integrated bathroom-lighting-performance-kitchens-&-home

Advanced Bathroom Hardware

Our customers are increasingly embracing a wide range of advanced bathroom hardware to enhance their bathing experience.

From bidets and smart toilets to multi-function showerheads, the features and functions of today’s bathroom hardware are nearly unlimited.

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Shades of Blue and Gray

Along with the trend towards warm colors like creams and browns in bathrooms, blues and grays are still very popular. Just look at the stunning look that this bathroom generates with this color combination!

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