Walk-in Pantries vs. Cabinetry Pantries – Which is Better?

Walk-in Pantries vs. Cabinetry Pantries – Which is Better? In many kitchen design conversations that our team has with clients, the discussion often turns to the debate about the relative merits of walk-in pantries versus cabinetry pantries. People who already have...Read More

The Pros and Cons of Framed Kitchen Cabinets?

Many of our customers ask us about framed kitchen cabinets and if they should be considered for their kitchen. First, we need to describe what they are. Framed kitchen cabinets have a flat frame on the front of the cabinet that looks something like a picture frame....Read More

Should Your Kitchen Cabinets Go to the Ceiling?

There are many options and decisions you need to make when planning cabinets for your new kitchen. These include color, style and organizational features for the cabinets you have selected. Alone, these questions are enough to confound even the best researched...Read More

Kitchen Cabinet Mandatories

How does one determine what cabinet features you will want and need when you are in the planning phase for your new kitchen? What you will need are cabinets that are functional, intuitive and strategically placed right where you will access them.  Kitchen cabinets...Read More

Factory Built Cabinets – Are they Worth the Extra Cost?

Although local craftspeople may offer what appear to be high-end cabinets, there is really no comparison to custom-made cabinets from a cabinet factory. There are many reasons for this including: High-tech cutting and milling techniques and machinery that deliver...Read More