Collaboration Is The Key

These days, many people think that they can plan and create their own kitchen based on what they see on home kitchen design shows or from what they learn online. Unfortunately, most people who do this soon realize that they are in over their heads. Without a quality, in-depth, home kitchen design plan, it is next to impossible to create a dream kitchen.

A kitchen is more than the sum of its parts. It is more than buying some cabinets and new countertops and appliances, then expecting installers to magically bring the kitchen to life. People who do this usually get a kitchen that is less than they imagined or not as functional as it could be.

A new kitchen is a large and important investment in your home. When you work with the highly skilled and talented designers at Performance Kitchens you will not only get a home kitchen design plan that will save you time, money and aggravation but you will get a beautifully conceived kitchen design that exceeds your expectations when it is brought to life.

Occasionally some of our clients will have already selected an interior designer, an architect or home improvement contractor to assist with their kitchen project. Performance Kitchens & Home welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with these professionals and to marry our skills with theirs to deliver a superior process and result.

While interior designers and architects have broad ranging responsibilities in the overall mission to redesign a home space, a true kitchen designer has a singular focus – creating the ideal kitchen.

How Our Kitchen Designers Work With Architects
In larger home remodeling or construction projects there is often an architect involved. In general, the architect is primarily focused on the overall design of the structure rather than with specific rooms. As a result, architects will concentrate on the style of the house, structural elements, construction materials, doors and windows, the placement of features like fireplaces, stairs and utilities, and on the flow of the house from one room to another.

When we work with architects, the Performance Kitchen designers will usually manage all the aspects of the kitchen build. This involves helping our clients with the aesthetics of their kitchen including designing layout, recommending cabinets and pull-outs, wood and granite selection, dealing with the appliances and managing contractors and installers.

Our kitchen designers will work with architects on major structural issues that will affect the overall plan for the kitchen including the implementation of an open versus closed floor plan, plumbing considerations, heating, cooling and ventilation issues and electrical work.

How Our Kitchen Designers Work With Interior Designers
Interior designers are sometimes retained to help plan each room in a house and to make recommendations for color palettes, furniture styles and materials, crown moldings, window treatments, floors and walls, and décor.

Because of their concern with the overall aesthetics of a home, the interior designer will be focused on making sure that the kitchen’s design matches the overall vision for the entire home. Because of this, we will work with the interior designer to make sure that the kitchen project is in complete alignment and harmony with the other design aspects of the home.

When collaborating with interior designers, our job is to make the kitchen come to life as envisioned while providing our expertise on various kitchen materials and elements and to provide know-how in terms of solving kitchen design challenges.

Our kitchen designers will take care to create technical designs that match the vision created between the interior designer and the home owner as closely as possible, while detailing functional issues that may exist.

How Our Kitchen Designers Work With Home Improvement Contractors
Although Performance Kitchens works with a group of highly skilled home improvement contractors, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with any that our client has pre-selected.

Home improvement contractors and remodelers are the people who make the final kitchen come to life and they are the ones who need the architectural plans, designs and materials to all come together into a harmonious union. If any of the elements are off, then the contractor’s job will become bogged down and delays and cost overruns are sure to follow.

Performance Kitchens is the unifying force.  It is our responsibility to make sure that all the project’s elements and contributors come together to deliver the homeowner’s vision for the kitchen as accurately as possible. Sometimes this requires course correction for the other members of the project team, but we do this while respecting each expert’s role, responsibilities and expertise.

Many of our clients prefer to have us manage the entire home kitchen design and build-out process. Depending on how a client chooses to engage with us, we will create a project plan that will best meet their needs and their budget.

When clients fully engage with us, we will not only produce detailed designs, but we will manage aspects of the project that other home improvement professionals prefer not to handle including:

  • Determining the type, sizes and location of cabinets, including space allocations for appliances and other kitchen features.
  • Recommending the integration of shelving, pull-outs and the number of drawers and doors.
  • Coming up with unique solutions for room corners to eliminate dead space.
  • Guiding the choice of countertops, back splashes and appliances.
  • Selecting accessories.
  • Providing direction on the relationship between combustible surfaces like cabinets, doors and drawers and cooktops and electrical outlets.
  • And much more…

In the kitchen projects that we work on, small challenges can become big problems unless they are addressed at the beginning. This is why we are so focused on helping with these types of considerations along with the home kitchen design. All the aspects of a kitchen project need to be managed in concert with one another in order to create a beautiful Performance Kitchen.

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