How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?
Kitchen remodeling costs are foremost on the minds of many homeowners when they are considering a new kitchen and many people want to open a conversation with us with the question – “How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?”.

While costs are an important aspect of any kitchen rebuild or redesign project, our experience tells us that the overall process needs to be approached in a holistic manner first. When customers meet with us in the their first consultation, we explore everything that they want out of their new kitchen. Our design staff has been creating the finest kitchens in the Philadelphia area for over 40 years and they are the right people to help you plan and build the kitchen of your dreams.

Our first step will be to understand all aspects of what you want to accomplish. Will you be upgrading one element like your cabinets or are you considering a complete tear-down and build up? What is your stylistic vision for your kitchen? Will it be modern or classic or something that is completely unique to you? Will you be using your own contractors or do you want us to bring in our own contractors, who are known to be the finest in the region?

Once we understand your vision and the scope of the project, we explore what kinds of cabinetry, counters and surfaces and appliances you want. Fitting each of these elements into the overall project is critical to the costing of your new kitchen and should be mapped out up-front, not as the project evolves.

It is our experience that, many times, people start off wanting to upgrade their kitchen cabinets only to decide that they want to upgrade additional aspects of their kitchens. Expanding the scope of your kitchen build is always something you can do, however it helps reduce the overall cost if we can explore all aspects of the project up front. Our initial consultation provides you and us with a clear road map for the perfect kitchen and provides you with a budget that meets your expectations.

The clients who benefit most from our services are those who value the time saved and the superior results that our process delivers.

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