Custom Cabinets vs Factory Cabinets – Which Is Better?

custom cabinets vs factory cabinets

Custom Cabinets vs Factory Cabinets – Which Is Better? Although local craftspeople may offer what appear to be high-end cabinets, there is really no comparison to custom-made cabinets from a cabinet factory. There are many reasons for this including:

  1. High-tech cutting and milling techniques and machinery that deliver tighter and more precise joinery than anything that can be achieved in a shop that offers hand-made cabinets.
  2. Temperature and environmentally controlled factory floors that deliver highly stable wood, which in turn reduce the chances of your kitchen cabinets warping and splitting later.
  3. Baked-on finishes that are more durable and stable than anything a smaller operation can achieve using old-fashioned air-drying processes.

4) Dust and contamination free clean rooms that ensure perfectly smooth and defect free, glass-like kitchen cabinet surfaces.

5) Warranties of up to 25 years on the cabinets themselves, hardware, workmanship, and other accessories.

custom cabinets

At Performance Kitchens, we have been working with the same factories for decades and our clients are delighted with the superior quality and exacting standards of the cabinets we deliver.

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