Everything You Need To Know About Kitchen Renovation

We believe it is important for all our clients to understand the process of kitchen renovation so that they can collaborate with the Performance Team to create the kitchen of their dreams. Because of this we like to share our years of experience and provide a little education to those who want to engage in a kitchen renovation.

Point 1: Find Out What You Like
When figuring out what you like and what you don’t like in a new kitchen, Houzz.com is one of the best places to start the journey. In fact, you can click here to start your kitchen discovery process on the Performance Kitchen Pro Page on Houzz.

There are many, many kitchens to see on Houzz and you will be amazed at the various layouts, cabinet styles, surface materials, and color palettes that are available these days. Also, making an Idea Book on Houzz or a board on Pinterest.com of kitchens you like will allow us to have a better idea of what you want when we meet for a consultation. This is very important because knowing what you like and the way you want your kitchen integrated into your lifestyle will have a great impact our design ideas.

Point 2: Research Local Kitchen Design Firms
You will next need to research to find the best kitchen designers and cabinet dealerships in your area and we strongly suggest that you include Performance Kitchens in your search. You will learn a great deal in your initial consultation and you need to ask a lot of questions, look at other completed projects and ask lots and lots of questions.

Many kitchen design firms come and go, and we have seen all of them in our 50 plus years of business. One of the reasons we are still in business and they are not is what we call the “Performance Kitchens’ Difference”. It’s the extra level of professionalism and attention to detail that our clients value and that no-one else can provide.

Point 3: Don’t do it Yourself – Use a Professional!
Some people think they can conceptualize their own dream kitchen, order the appliances, cabinets and surfaces and then act as their own general contractor. They then think that everything will go smoothly with their kitchen remodel. From our experience, many of these “do-it-yourself” kitchen remodeling jobs ends in disaster.

From the location of weight-bearing walls to determining the height of drawers and pull-outs, there are so many elements of a kitchen project that need to be done just right for you to feel that you have the perfect kitchen. Furthermore, when you engage with expert designers, like the ones at Performance Kitchens, you will be given options that you may never have considered.

Point 4: Leverage Your Kitchen Designer’s Expertise
Once you have selected a kitchen designer to help walk you through the steps involved in renovating a kitchen you will have a professional directing you and directing the entire kitchen remodel process. The Performance Kitchen design team will be there every step of the way and will make sure that everything is completely professionally and meets your expectations.

Point 5: Remember That Good Things Come to Those Who Have Patience
Every kitchen job, large and small, requires a certain amount of time to be completed correctly. Once your plan is established we will lay out a time-frame for your kitchen project and our Expediter will make sure that the timeline is adhered to.

A well laid plan will deliver a kitchen that you will love and that will be an asset for your great American home.