Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can I See New Designs For Kitchens?

The best way to experience the latest in designs for kitchens is to visit the Performance Kitchens & Home design center in Manayunk. There you will be able to meet our design staff and experience the very latest in kitchen design.

Creating a kitchen that reflects your personality and lives up to the standards you set for your home is no simple process. Fortunately, we at Performance Kitchens have the people and 40 years of experience that will guarantee that your new kitchen is everything you’ve ever dreamed it could be. Whatever your vision we will help you design the perfect kitchen!

What Are The Challenges In Remodeling A Kitchen?

Sometimes, remodeling a kitchen or creating a brand new one can present more challenges than you might expect. What seems straightforward becomes complex and the entire process can quickly grow to the point that you need the expertise and partnership that only Performance Kitchens & Home can provide.
Even if you are only replacing cabinetry or appliances, there can be a ripple effect on the entire kitchen that is hard to see in advance unless you’ve done the proper planning for the project. That is why we like the clients who select us as their partner. They are the kinds of people who value the time saved and the superior results of our process.
When you work with Performance Kitchens, you can choose from several different design packages that will guide the process, depending on if your project is simple, mildly challenging or very complex. Click here to see the various ways you can engage with Performance Kitchen’s team of experts to ensure that the kitchen of your dreams becomes a reality.

Do You Have Kitchen Designers On Staff?

Our Kitchen Designers are highly educated, talented and will bring an incredible amount of intelligence and personal attention to your Kitchen or other remodeling job. Click here to learn more about the people who will bring your kitchen to life.

How Much Would It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen?

Today, the kitchen is the focal point of many homes. Since kitchens tend to embody the most complexity (and cost) in a home, we recommend that our client undertake a thorough evaluation with our team to decide how to approach the project. A careful, bottom-up design and costing analysis is the only way to ensure that your kitchen project comes in on time, on spec and on budget.
Click here to learn more about our costs.

Should I Contemplate A Complete Kitchen Remodel?

Many of our clients are unsure if they should do a complete kitchen remodel or if they should just upgrade their cabinets or counter tops or just their appliances. These are the kinds of issues that we explore with our clients in our initial consultation meeting. Our designers will meet with you to discuss your goals for your kitchen or other space and, together, we will determine the course of action that will best deliver on your expectations.

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