Gray Kitchen Cabinets – Cool & Elegant!

Why Gray Kitchen Cabinets Are a Cool Choice For Your Kitchen

In the last few years, gray has become an “it” color for modern design. And now, gray kitchen cabinets are becoming all the rage for clients of Performance Kitchens & Home in Manayunk.

The move to gray cabinets is a relatively new one. And, contrary to the older line of thinking, modern kitchens that feature gray kitchen cabinetry, along with other complementary colors, can bring a new level of excitement and discovery in the kitchen.  The reason for this is that gray cabinets are not only beautiful in their own right but they tend to bring focus to other elements in the kitchen like the flooring, appliances, countertops, and the backsplash. Gray makes other elements of your kitchen décor stand out with more visual clarity. Rather than having a run of the mill kitchen, gray will make it more exciting.

Gray cabinets for the kitchen have a number of advantages including:

  • Gray cabinets do not show dirt, stains or smudges as much as lighter ones sometimes do.
  • Gray kitchen cabinets don’t make a kitchen space appear dark or heavy light some darker colored cabinets can.
  • Gray cabinets allow for great versatility and there are many shades that you can work with. For instance, French gray pairs beautifully with warmer colors. Alternatively, grays with a little blue in them work well with kitchens that have cooler color tones.
  • Also, gray can work well with stronger colors such as green and purple.

Gray cabinets also look good with different countertops. The pair well with a range of surface materials including granite and marble countertops as well as laminate and butcher block.

These are some of the beautiful kitchens Performance Kitchens has designed with gray kitchen cabinetry.

small kitchen

grey kitchen cabinets from Performance Kitchens & Home

gray kitchen cabinets from Performance Kitchens & Home

Gray kitchen cabinets from Performance Kitchens & Home

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