Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Anyone who is interested in kitchen design knows that there are loads of kitchen backsplash ideas out there. In this article we will try to give you insight into our kitchen backsplash ideas and we will show you some of our recent favorites.

Originally, the reason that backsplashes were incorporated into kitchens was to protect walls from food and liquid splashes. However, backsplashes rapidly evolved into a central and unifying design element for kitchens. Backsplashes can not only serve as the focal point of a kitchen, but they can define and reflect the mood and feeling of this central space in the home.

From simple and clean to natural to vintage, there are seemingly unlimited numbers of style and design options for kitchen backsplashes. In choosing a backsplash style we recommend that it reflect your unique personality and vision for your home.

When choosing a backsplash style, it important to remember is that it should blend in with the existing decor. In creating a harmonious flow from the work area, to the cabinets, to the countertops, to the walls and even the floor, the melding of materials and colors is essential to the function and visual aesthetics of your kitchen.

Choosing the right backsplash involves many decisions. First, you need to decide what types of tiles you want. The following are some considerations and ideas that we think will help

Selecting The Right Backsplash Materials

There are many kitchen backsplash materials to choose from including porcelain, glass, stone, ceramic, marble, granite and even metal. A major factor in choosing which backsplash material to go for is cost. If cost is an issue, then some ideal options should include porcelain and ceramic. If you can spend a bit more, you may want to consider more expensive options such as stone, marble, granite, and glass.

The issue of style is not as important nowadays when choosing between various tile materials. Thanks to modern manufacturing, even ceramic tiles can be designed to resemble granite or even a metal surface. This can help when you want a specific look but at a cheaper price.

Backsplash Material Design

Tiles come in so many cuts, colors, and styles. Here are just a few examples;

Laser cut tiles – because of their intricate designs and patterns, these tiles are cut using laser technology. Different pieces are joined like a jigsaw puzzle. The result can be an elaborately designed backsplash.

Diagonal tile – tiles come in a diagonal cut, giving your backsplash a unique look. Note that you will require more tiles than usual when tiling kitchen backsplash. Additionally, diagonal tiles tend to cost a bit more.

Subway tiles – these are some of the most popular backsplash tiles. They are named after the tiles used in most subway stations. They create a classic, stylish and clean look.

Other types of tiles designs include hand painted tiles, mosaic tiles, herringbone tiles and uniquely-shaped tiles

Backsplash Mix & Match

Since achieving balance and harmony is an important part of choosing your kitchen backsplash. You should consider how the tile you have chosen will go with your cabinets, floor, countertops, walls and appliances.

There are two things you can do when mixing and matching. One, you can choose a design that matches the surrounding décor. For instance, blue tiles would blend perfectly with grey cabinets. A white tiled backsplash would match up very well with black countertops and so on. Two, you could opt for a design that sharply contrasts the existing décor and acts as a standout style, stealing away most of the attention to itself. Mosaic and hand painted tiles also to have this effect. You could also choose something like bright red tiles against a white wall and white countertops.

Backsplash Height

This is another important decision you need to make as it impacts the overall style of your kitchen. While most homeowners opt for the standard countertop-to-cabinet height, you could decide to be more radical and go for a full height backsplash. This creates a more focused attention point for the kitchen.

Check out some of the beautiful kitchen backsplashes we have installed recently. Maybe they will inspire your own Kitchen Backsplash Ideas!

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