Kitchen Backsplash Design Inspiration

kitchen backsplashes from Performance Kitchens & Home

Kitchen backsplashes sometimes get overlooked. When our clients are designing their new kitchens with us, they are very busy selecting their layout, color patterns, floors, appliances, and color schemes. We always remember that one of the core uniting elements is the kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is a fairly broad term which relates to the material on the lower walls of a kitchen. Often, they are made of tiles, stone or other durable materials that will easily clean up from any kitchen “splashes” that hit them.

Kitchen backsplashes can be limited to the areas behind the stove or expanded to include the areas behind sinks and below cabinets. They can even span an entire wall of a kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if your new kitchen will be contemporary, classic or something in between, the choosing the right kitchen backsplash is a fun and important aspect of your new kitchen design.

Some of the beautiful backsplashes below might provide you with some inspiration.

kitchen basksplashes from Performance Kitchens & Home

kitchen countertops


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