“Our Kitchen is so beautiful and yet also incredibly functional.”

Please forgive the tardiness of this letter. It is hard to believe that it has been over 6 months since our kitchen renovation. What we told you at the project’s completion remains true: there is not a single part of the design of our kitchen we do not love . It is so beautiful and yet also incredibly functional.

We were very impressed with the creativity and level of detail that went into the design process – the options you came up with were really outstanding and we felt that you had made the best possible use out of our space. something we had really been struggling with.

In addition to the design, we thank you whole heartedly for your coordination of our project. It was amazing to have the project completed almost worry free. We have two friends who underwent kitchen renovations at the same time as we did and the comparison of our experiences to theirs is remarkable. First, as you know, our kitchen was complete in an astounding 4 1/2 weeks. We know that this is in no small way due to your planning and coordination. For both of our friends, the process was over 4 months long. My friends complained frequently about having to make decisions on important things with no guidance and having to be available constantly for questions from the contractor. This was, or course, not our experience at all. For example, our friend phoned and said “the granite guy just called me and asked where I want my seam. What did you guys do about that?” We did not have the foggiest. This was one of our first clues that we were not fully aware of all of the things that went on behind the scene that you handled for us. Please feel free to have any client who is vacillating about whether or not to engage you for this part of the process call us.

Thank you for your attention to detail and for the care and skill you put into our project. We could not be more pleased. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference at any time.