Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

kitchen cabinet ideas

There is no end to the number of kitchen cabinet ideas out there. How does one determine what cabinet features you will want and need when you are in the planning phase for your new kitchen? What you will need are cabinets that are functional, intuitive and strategically placed right where you will access them.  Kitchen cabinets also need to be aesthetically pleasing and downright beautiful!

In this post we break down the must-haves for various kitchen cabinet ideas.

  1. Drawers

Good kitchen cabinet drawers need to have the following characteristics:

Beauty regardless of the type of kitchen you are creating, the drawers need to have attractive, clean, horizontal lines that accentuate the visual appeal of the kitchen. A series of three-drawer base cabinets in a kitchen layout is often a great option. Check out how great these white cabinets look in this kitchen in Dresher, PA.

Flexibility – Good drawers need to be able to hold almost anything in your kitchen. Top drawers are often used for for silverware, utensils, and smaller items. The larger drawers should be able to accommodate a range of kitchen items including pots, pans and lids, dishware, plastic containers, baking sheets, appliances or food.

Ergonomics – Well designed drawers need to be responsive to your touch and to come to you easily when pulled. There should be no bending down, squatting or kneeling required to see into your drawers. You should be able to just pull the drawer out and look down and have the contents of the drawer within easy arm’s reach. Good drawers should require one easy pull versus a door/ roll-out arrangement which takes two (open doors, then pull the roll-out). This easy operation is why so many people fall in love with high quality drawers.

kitchen cabinet ideas

  1. Spice Pull-Out Drawers

Organizing all of the spices in a busy kitchen can be a tricky proposition. When small spice bottles are stocked together on a shelf, it can be difficult to see what you have without removing the entire shelf.

For some people a spice pullout next to the cooking surface is ideal. Some serious cooks who have a wide variety of spices may find that two drawers, one on either side, provide a more symmetrical look.

kitchen cabinet ideas

  1. Trash Pull-Outs

If there is one thing that every well-appointed kitchen needs it is a built-in trash-pull out that is part of your cabinetry. Ideally, this will be a double unit. Modern trash pull-outs are slender, taking up just 18 inches of space, and come with soft close mechanisms. Also, many of them can accommodate a discrete top shelf.

A trash pull-out is one amenity that every kitchen should have!

kitchen cabinet ideas