Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Kitchen cabinets ideas from Performance Kitchens and Home

Kitchen cabinets ideas are what the team at Performance Kitchens & Home specializes in. Our clients tell us that their kitchen is one of the most important rooms in their home when it comes to food prep and getting together with family and friends.  Given the centrality of this room and the importance that cabinetry plays, we would love to share some of our kitchen cabinets ideas with you.

Having kitchen cabinets that are both functional and beautiful is the goal for our Philadelphia clients who are undertaking a kitchen cabinet redesign. What many people don’t realize is that making smart, carefully considered initial design choices can have a radical impact on the look and feel of your kitchen for years to come.

The Importance of Kitchen Cabinet Beauty & Aesthetics

Among the first considerations that most consumers have for their new kitchen and its cabinets are the aesthetics. Carefully crafted kitchen cabinets, such as the custom kitchen cabinets offered by Performance Kitchens & Home, will upgrade and transform the entire appearance of your kitchen. Since kitchen cabinetry is such a large component of your kitchen, it should be the focus of any kitchen remodel.

We are known for creating beautiful cabinets in a range of materials and costs. What all of our cabinets share is a design heritage that extends back to wood working legends like George Nakashima and George Brauntrager. Performance Kitchens founder, Brian Forman, studied under these two greats and the design contribution that we have inherited from them informs everything we do and is part of the reason we are known for building such beautiful kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Quality

The quality of your cabinets determines their longevity. It all comes down to getting what you pay for. The cabinets from Performance Kitchens & Home will be looking good for years after cabinets of lesser quality are warping and looking tired.

Storage Potential for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Besides the aesthetics, storage and organization are the main elements of your kitchen cabinets.  In years gone by people made more extensive use of pantries and cellars for storing food, spices, dishes and cooking utensils.  Since these are not used by modern cooks, cabinets need to fill the role.

At Performance Kitchens, we carefully study your kitchen to determine the smartest way to incorporate kitchen cabinetry into existing spaces, such us under your counter-top and stove, through wall mounting and incorporated into islands. Our cabinet design team will present you with space-saving options that deliver a lot of room without giving the feeling of being overwhelmed or looking too crowded. Cabinets with multiple shelves and purpose-specific trays let you store more items such as spices, knives, pans, jars and various other items.

These are some examples of our favorite kitchen cabinet ideas:

Kitchen cabinets ideas from Performance Kitchens and Home

Kitchen cabinets ideas from Performance Kitchens and Home

Along with superior good looks, the cabinets we design for you will deliver the cutting edge in terms of organization and storage.

If you are looking to redo your cabinets or your entire kitchen, contact us today and let us show you what a Performance Kitchen can do for your great American home.

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