Kitchen Designs 2020 – A Performance Kitchens Perspective

Kitchen designs 2020 – what are the hot trends and new developments? In this article, the kitchen design experts at Performance Kitchens report on the hot colors, latest innovations, best surfaces, latest approaches to kitchen cabinets and more.

Trend #1. White Cabinets Are Still Classics But Dark Cabinet Colors Are Hot!

White or cream kitchen cabinets are a classic look that will always be in vogue in American kitchens. This is mainly because the very neutrality of white cabinets makes them a perfect complement to most kitchen styles.  For other homeowners, introducing a color-splash can add a visual pop that makes an average kitchen extraordinary.

Some of the colors that are exciting homeowners in 2020 are various shades of green, black, blue and purple. Often, these colors are in bold and deep tones of navy, emerald green and plum. Done properly and in coordination with the overall kitchen project, these colors can add a touch of sophisticated luxury.

While bold and dark kitchen cabinets will add an element of drama to a kitchen it is important that they don’t clash with or overwhelm other parts of the room. Light-colored backsplashes, trim and surfaces marry well with dark cabinet colors and keep a kitchen looking bright and uplifting.

Kitchen Designs 2020

Trend #2: Quartz Countertops Are In

Continuing a trend that has been going on for a few years now, quartz countertops are increasing in popularity, and for good reasons:

  • Quartz countertops are beautiful
  • They are strong and durable
  • They offer a very long lifetime in most kitchens
  • Quartz as a stone has natural, anti-microbial qualities
  • Quartz also requires slightly less maintenance than granite, which is quartz’s main competitor in the realm of high-end kitchens.

Initially, the choice of quartz was viewed as a constraining item in kitchens due to the limited range of colors. The makers of quartz countertops proved remarkably adept at modifying this natural material and now it comes in a variety of textures, and realistic-looking natural stone patterns.

Despite the variety offered by modern quartz countertops, consumers are tending towards kitchen surfaces with cream, white, gray, or beige finishes. As we mentioned in Trend #1, this matches up well with the trend towards bold cabinet colors. Just look how great the white quartz countertops work with the bold blue of the island cabinets in the Performance Kitchen below.

Kitchen Designs 2020

To complement the quartz countertops there is also a new popularity for composite sinks that are made from the same material as the countertop.  This results in a smooth and continuous look and makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Trend #3. Innovative Cabinet Storage Solutions

Performance Kitchens prides itself on its cabinets and storage solutions. Our kitchen designers take great care in creating cabinet installations that create more usable space and accessibility for cooks and everyone who uses a kitchen.

We have always has a focus on optimizing cabinets and the inclusion of things like pull-out drawers for spices, tray dividers, specially designed drawers for utensils and cutlery, hidden spaces for garbage and recyclables containers and roll-out trays and caddies for pots & pans.

2020 has been a difficult year for many of us so we are seeing a greater emphasis from our customers on kitchen elements that will make their lives just a bit easier. Innovative kitchen storage solutions are high on this list.

Trend #4. Hardwood Floors Are Still The Favorite But Ceramic Tile Is a Close Second

Hardwood flooring is the traditional favorite for most kitchens. However, new advances in ceramic tiles has dramatically increased their popularity. Manufacturers are employing new techniques in the creation of ceramic flooring, which are now available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and designs.

A very popular option for homeowners is to use ceramic tiles that look exactly like hardwood flooring. This is a great option for people who want a wood look but who also appreciate the ease of cleaning and maintenance that ceramic tiles offer.

In addition to wood, there are ceramic tiles that look like a range of other materials including natural stone. Even the surface texture is changed to resemble the look and feel of these materials. Just look how nicely the stone-look tiles complement the cabinets and surface materials in this Performance kitchen.

Furthermore, the size of the ceramic tiles that are offered today are almost unlimited. With the new ceramic tile products on the market today, our customers can achieve nearly any look that they want.

Trend #5. Larger Kitchen Islands Are Trending

Far from being the afterthought that kitchen islands used to be, they have now become the pivot point around which all other aspects of the kitchen rotate.

Big kitchen islands are inviting to family and guests and often become the main gathering point in a home. As such they have evolved to become living spaces while retaining high levels of functionality for the home’s cook.

In 2020, the Performance Kitchens designers have responded to the demand for larger kitchen islands. We are incorporating under-counter appliances and innovative storage solutions all while preserving the critical seating space around the island.

Also, in response to the increase in kitchen island size, we are now expanding some kitchens so that they extend into other spaces in homes that have open design plans.

Trend #6. Innovative Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes have become an increasingly important focus of kitchens in 2020 and we predict that this trend will continue. The backsplash is an area of the kitchen where our designers and customers can get creative and add some special touches and colors that will make their kitchen something truly unique.

Notice how the contrasting tiles in the kitchen shown below make the white cabinets and countertop pop! Also, these tiles perfectly compliment the stainless-steel hood above.

Trend #7. Steel Hoods

In 2020, the designers at Performance Kitchens have seen an increased interest in hoods from its customers. What is clear is that a beautiful range hood can easily become be a major point of focus and interest in a kitchen. And it is not the kitchen alone that can benefit from a beautiful new hood. In many of the kitchens we design the hood can be seen from other rooms that connect to the kitchen and it becomes a visual jewel that keeps drawing the eye back to the kitchen.

The only drawback is that some high-end steel kitchen hoods can be quite expensive. While they will increase the value of a kitchen, they must be chosen carefully for maximum impact on the kitchen design without dramatically impacting the total kitchen project budget.

If you want to learn what else we are seeing in terms of kitchen designs 2020, feel free to contact one of our designers at (215) 482-0700. They will love the conversation and so will you.

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