Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Transform & Elevate

kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel is something that many people want and for good reason.  Kitchens are often the heart of a home and are the place where family and friends gather to meet and share the joys of living.  Since the earliest times, food has been a unifying factor that brings us all together and the kitchen is uniting factor.

Beyond the social enhancement that a kitchen remodel provides, a well-done project can make a significant positive contribution to your home’s value.

In order to make the most of your kitchen remodel it is important to make the most of the basics and minimize the emphasis on flavor-of-the-month trends. Today’s home buyers are savvier than ever and focus their attention on things like cabinets, countertops and lighting.

Color is the thing that really brings a kitchen to life and choosing the right paint is a relatively inexpensive way to create great resale value with enlivening one of the most important places in your home. At Performance Kitchens we recommend to our clients that they select traditional and timeless color schemes. White and cream colors are rich and warm but neutral enough to accommodate most appliances and décor items.  You can also choose stronger color choices like blacks and grays but work with your designer, who can help you envision how the kitchen will look when completed.

Kitchen cabinets are probably the most important investment you can make in your kitchen remodel process. There are many different types of kitchen cabinets but the two ingredients you should consider when selecting cabinets is the quality of their manufacture and their space conserving design.

Cabinets can be sourced from many places today, but you should pay close attention to the quality of the wood and how it is cured and finished. This can make all the difference in the world and the last thing you want is to be 5 years in on your kitchen only to find that your cabinets are chipping or warping. Choose the quality of your cabinets carefully.

Having your kitchen designer carefully place your cabinets for maximum ergonomic flow, accessibility and storage capacity is also critically important. A good kitchen designer will come up with a cabinet plan that transforms your kitchen and makes it more useful and accessible.

A kitchen backsplash is the ideal element to add or upgrade in terms of investment since initial cost is low while the visual impact is high. Metal, ceramic and glass tiles are sure to attract attention

Another important element in a new kitchen are the kitchen countertops. Today there is a huge range of options that include granite marble, laminate, stainless steel, composites and many others. One countertop material that is a favorite is quartz.  Quartz countertops are typically a composite of minerals and resins, quartz that make it a nearly perfect material for countertops. It looks like natural stone but is harder than natural stone, plus it is completely impenetrable by foods and liquids and will not scratch like solid surface.

Furthermore, quartz countertops can express different looks and textures that range from a traditional stone look to more trendy looks like concrete and other industrial materials.

Kitchen lighting is also an important feature that needs to be carefully considered. Not only does a well-designed lighting package illuminate your beautiful kitchen, the lighting itself can become an object of attention.

Below are some pictures of a recent kitchen remodel that we did.


Kitchen Remodel
















Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodel