“We have a ‘make other people jealous’ kitchen!”

Well, it’s official. We have a new kitchen. Not just a nice, new kitchen. Not just a beautiful, new kitchen. We have a “make other people jealous” kitchen. Now when we go to the door to greet people, we can instantly tell if they’ve seen it yet or not. We just watch for the jaw dropping. It’s literally true. Many people have commented that they just can’t believe it’s the same house. And yet, we also felt almost instantly at home in it. (We’re happy to report that Beamer climbed right back up into her chair without missing a beat. She is sliding a bit on the glossy, new hardwood, but that’s a small price to pay for its beauty.)

It’s certainly fun giving the new kitchen tour, especially of the “wow” items like the refrigerator drawers and remote control downdraft, but what we appreciate the most (and will for years to come) is the practical layout which makes optimal use of our less-than-expansive space. The peninsula is perfect. I feel I could be hosting a cooking show in my own kitchen.

We were a little (okay, a lot) unsure of what to expect of the whole remodeling process, having heard practically nothing but horror stories, but it actually turned out to be fun. The entire team was exceptionally professional and unbelievably neat.

We’ve lived with the kitchen for about two months now, and have had a chance to host family gatherings and make plenty of everyday meals. It’s a pleasure to make use of our new space, which is at once functional and beautiful. We wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks again Performance Kitchens.