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Performance Kitchens has been the featured guest on HGTV. Their designs incorporate practical elegance and unsurpassed attention to detail which is their characteristic trademark.

No matter what the client’s tastes are, their Designers have the ability to compliment the architecture of the home while paying specific attention to the needs of its occupants.

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The Designers at Performance Kitchens believe that kitchens are personalized spaces that significantly shape the relationship people have with their homes. At Performance Kitchens several designers help each client develop a vision of a new kitchen that both accommodates their daily lifestyle and, corresponds with existing interiors.


The most important design consideration is function. In general, the design should offer food preparation space close to the sink and the stove, provide cabinet organizers with pullout wastebaskets and place appliances within easy reach.


One of Performance Kitchen’s philosophies is that where a client makes coffee, slices tomatoes or rinses dishes influences where cabinets, counters, appliances and furniture should be placed. Flow also shapes the design of curved islands, angular tables and multi-height counters.


Clean lines and appropriately proportioned cabinetry, appliances and furniture create spatial harmony in a kitchen. The Designers match window and door configurations to create a pattern that’s calming.


To connect the interior spaces, Performance Kitchens includes colors, materials, textures, furniture arrangements and design and decor elements found elsewhere in the house into the kitchens design. Performance Kitchens stresses that creating warmth is not about a specific use of color or materials but an expression of a homeowner’s personality, at how the sum of the parts all come together.


Performance Kitchens believes that well-crafted kitchen cabinetry with long-lasting finishes, silent self closing drawers and doors along with adjustable shelves are essentials.


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Their designs incorporate practical elegance and unsurpassed attention to detail which is their characteristic trademark

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