A Performance Kitchen -2

The Performance Kitchens & Home Team has some very strong opinions about what it takes to make a kitchen worthy of our client’s homes. Our clients need to love their kitchens and we are committed to nothing less than creating the kitchen of their dreams.

A key ingredient in our success is establishing a common orientation between us and our clients. The people who choose us for their kitchen projects are those who recognize the value and necessity in hiring a professional kitchen design firm. They realize that our sophisticated design and planning process is necessary if they are going to get the kitchen that they want and need. It all starts with a good design and a good process.

The first thing we do with all of our clients is to hold an initial consultation meeting. This lets prospective clients become familiar with our services and approach and to share their ideas for their new kitchen with our expert staff.

Once we understand your objectives we then custom-tailored a series of meetings and deliverables for your project. These can include a home survey where our design team will visit your home to measure and survey the space to understand the layout, photograph the interior, assess the storage requirements and take note of the existing mechanical and architectural details.

Next comes our design concepts meeting where you will explore your redesigned space with our design team. You will be able to see what works best for your home and make adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the direction.

Depending on how you choose to engage with us, there are a series of other meetings and milestones in our process. All of them are designed to deliver a new kitchen that you will love for the life of your home.

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