The Pros and Cons of Framed Kitchen Cabinets

framed kitchen cabinets

Many of our customers ask us about framed kitchen cabinets and if they should be considered for their kitchen. First, we need to describe what they are. Framed kitchen cabinets have a flat frame on the front of the cabinet that looks something like a picture frame. These cabinets are an older and more traditional way of producing cabinetry, in contrast to frameless cabinets, which are a newer technique.

The Pros

Framed cabinets have used in kitchens for centuries and they have proven themselves in terms of design and functionality.  There are many good reasons why they are still being selected by consumers and will continue to be put into new kitchens for the foreseeable future:

  • The frame itself strengthens the cabinet box and prevents it from getting out of square. If a cabinet doesn’t maintain its 90-degree angles, the door will stick, and the slide could be impeded. Framed kitchen cabinets are usually safe from these problems.
  • The frame is strong and flat and becomes a platform to hang the kitchen cabinet doors from.
  • Since the frame is wider than the cabinet, you can install two kitchen cabinets closely together for a tight and seamless look.
  • Stronger exterior hinges can be used with framed kitchen cabinets as opposed to the less strong interior hinges that are often used with unframed cabinets.

The Cons

  • The lip on framed kitchen cabinets somewhat decreases the storage capacity of the cabinet. The storage width of the cabinet is decreased by the width of the frame on either side. If you are looking to incorporate roll-out shelves in your cabinets, these too will prove somewhat more difficult to mount because of the lip.
  • The lip can also sometime become an obstruction when you are trying to move shelves.

More than anything, the decision to go with framed or frameless cabinets is an aesthetic decision that needs to be made between you and your Performance Kitchen designer. We will be able to help you create a great kitchen either way.

framed kitchen cabinets

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