Small Kitchen Design – Slim & Sensational!

Small Kitchen Design is something that we specialize in at Performance Kitchens & Home. Although smaller dwelling spaces often offer plenty of coziness, warmth and charm, they can sometimes be lacking in terms of total kitchen space. Nevertheless, using small kitchen design best-practices, there are still ways to make the most of your small kitchen.

What’s important in small kitchen design is working with the layout of your space, whether your kitchen is a galley, tucked into a small corner or confined to a single wall. A functioning floor plan is important in any size of space, but it is doubly important in a small one! A beautiful kitchen with an awkward layout will never work. Make sure your sink, refrigerator, and stovetop are all easily accessible and that there is ample countertop space by each one for easy use. Also, in small kitchen design, it is important to consider the cabinetry layout to make sure there is adequate storage for the items you use regularly.

When you work with Performance Kitchens Designers, they will help you to decide which layout will work best in your home. Every aspect of the layout, from floor plan to cabinetry, will make the difference between a small kitchen that you love and a small kitchen that drives you nuts!

It’s often difficult to open up a galley kitchen completely, particularly in old buildings, due to the placement of pipes and other structural elements. However, you can still increase the light and air by removing even a small section of the wall. A portal or open corner can help connect the kitchen to the rest of the living space.

If your kitchen is small, it is especially important to make sure your lighting is doing its job. No matter how many small kitchen design tricks you employ to make it feel larger, bad lighting will always contribute to a space feeling small. If there is no island to hang pendants over, we love to hang one above the kitchen sink, both to add another level of lighting and to make sure you aren’t doing your dishes in the dark! We also love installing sconces above open shelving or a window. Lighting will play a major role in helping your small kitchen feel larger.

Check out the pictures from this smaller kitchen we redesigned in West Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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