“We are still smiling as we enter the room.”

It’s been a few months since our Kitchen & Bar renovations were completed and Chris and I are still smiling as we enter the room. The overall design, layout, functionality and aesthetics are wonderful and we couldn’t be happier……Our project was particularly challenging in terms of layout and functionality. What we needed was a fresh, creative approach to a very difficult space-utilization problem. After spending more than a year and engaging a ‘kitchen designer’, and three different architects (all of whom we paid design fees) to develop renovation plans, we were completely frustrated and ready to give up.

All of the proposed ‘solutions’ involved substantial construction costs, ranging from tearing out our roof, moving various exterior walls, installing new foundations and demolishing an interior stone bearing wall at significant cost, as well as disruption to our daily routines. None of the proposed ‘solutions’ provided a workable layout with the functionality we wanted…….We had discovered that the art of kitchen design was indeed a specialty, requiring specific design and layout skills, as well as product knowledge that neither interior designers, cabinet salesmen or architects possessed….

Frustrated after just leaving a cabinet center our architect sent us to, we wandered into your shop. Frankly, we weren’t very sure we wanted to begin the process again. We reconsidered and the process did begin that day in early spring and proceeded smoothly through design, layout, cabinet & appliance selection, construction drawings, tile & flooring, color coordination, contractor selection and construction management through project completion at summer’s end…..It was great to work with specialists who would guide us through the entire process, to take an overall project approach encompassing all the various steps, not just ‘sell us cabinets’.

Performance Kitchen’s space-planning, construction and project management expertise, creative cabinetry and tile design, guidance in colors/patterns and tile/flooring selection, down to the details of ‘what drawers should hold the silverware’ (near the dishwasher as we learned), and [they] insured that the project went smoothly from start to finish. Cabinets arrived and actually fit the first time, clearances proved to be more than ample, counter knee space was correct, etc. No oversights or things that didn’t work or spaces that were too tight or doors that couldn’t open all the way!