The Process

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeler in the Philadelphia and Mainline area that is known for creating the best kitchens for its clients, then Performance Kitchens is the team you need to meet. The reason we have been so successful is because of our process. Depending on the design package you choose, we will customer a kitchen remodel or build project that meets your budget and your desires. We call this the “Cozy Nest” process and the elements are as follows:

Consultation Meeting
In the initial consultation meeting, we will discuss your desires and goals for your new kitchen. We will discuss the size of your kitchen, your choice of cabinetry, appliances and counter tops and then we will create a proposed budget for your job. Based on this budget and the services you select, we will establish a design retainer for our engagement with you. Then we will set up a meeting to visit your home.

Home Survey
Our design team will visit your home to measure and survey your space. We will take pictures and assess your storage requirements and take note of existing mechanical and architectural details.

Design Concepts Meeting
In the design concepts meeting we will explore your re-designed space with our design team and you will be able to see what works best for your home. It is suggested that all parties making decisions attend this meeting to help select the best design. Please plan for 2 hours with us where all cell phones will be off.

Re-Draw Meeting
In the re-draw meeting you will revisit your design. We will have fine-tuned all of the details from the last meeting and added your proposed appliance selections. We will spend time planning your interior accessories and clarifying the functionality of the space. The meeting will conclude with the selection of your door style and finish (1-2 hours).

Color Scheme/Materials Selections Meeting
Are you ready for the finishing touch? We are almost there! In order for us to create realistic pictures of the new space, we will create a color scheme for your other material finishes to make your space come to life in the following meeting. These decorative items are not final. We will fine tune and specify these items after the cabinet design has been acknowledged and approved. The meeting will conclude with a revised cabinet allowance.

Cabinet Order Meeting
Its now time to see your realistic color renderings of your space in several different views where we will spend time reviewing your cabinet design. The meeting concludes with a cost analysis of the cabinetry and optional accessories.

Acknowledgement Of Your Cabinetry Order
We like to say that “detailed plans create great results”. At this stage we will be drafting your final cabinetry plan, detail by detail. Please be patient as this process of finalizing all the specifications takes about 2 weeks. We will then plan a meeting with you to review the acknowledgement of your order.

Decorative Package/Lighting Plan/Cozy Nest Service
The next step can be where we provide you with a lighting plan, decorative details and project management guidance. We will help you select and order counter tops, tile and flooring, hardware, plumbing fixtures and provide all the plans for the contractor so that your project will run smoothly and on time. These specialty services can be signed up for separately.

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