Visit Performance Kitchens & Home (And Win) During Manayunk Arts Festival 2021

Manayunk Arts Festival 2021 is right around the corner and Performance Kitchens & Home is expecting the town to come alive. The annual Manayunk Arts Festival 2021Manyunk Arts Festival is one of the highlights of the early summer and all of the action is right outside of our front door.

Performance Kitchens & Home is located at 4429 Main Street, right next to the Post Office and Fire House and we would love you to stop by as you stroll through the all of the great art.

We have just finished renovating the Performance Kitchens showroom and we think you will really like it.

As a special “thank you”, we will enter every person who stops by for a chance to win a Nespresso Vertuo expresso and coffee maker.Manayunk Arts Festival 2021

The Manayunk Arts Festival 2021 is a great event for everyone And now, with the relaxed CDC guidelines, this year’s promises to be a lot of fun and a great way to spend some time in the greatest little city in Philadelphia.

This year’s Manayunk Arts Festival is being held on June 26-27. Be sure to stop by!


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