Why Design Matters

At Performance Kitchens & Home, great kitchen design isn’t just something we talk about – it’s a process that our entire team embraces. The Performance Kitchens team is structured in ways that encourage everyone on our staff to focus on our customers and the special nature of each of their projects. What this means for us is that design is not a single department; rather, design and remodeling expertise is embedded throughout our organization and is applied at every step of the process.

Clients who want to create a beautiful kitchen that will stand the test of time realize that they can’t afford not to have a designer working with them. The reason for this is simple – there are so many potential issues and pitfalls in the creation of a new kitchen that a project can easily devolve into a nightmare unless the right professionals are involved and the right materials are used.

Some of the problem stems from home improvement shows online or on TV that make the process seem simpler than it really is. They sometimes will show how an unanticipated problem impacts a project, but they rarely show the full scope of what needs to be done to get the project back on track. As a result, homeowners who attempt to manage a kitchen design project themselves typically run into problems that can derail the entire project and end up putting them way over budget and destroying a carefully planned time-line, or even requiring replacements by their contractor.

We are often called into projects where there was a misunderstanding about which wall was a supporting bearing wall or where structures that were part of a renovation many years ago prove to be huge barriers to the project’s completion. This is especially true in many of the older homes in the Philadelphia area where a structural element that was incorporated 75 or 100 years ago suddenly becomes a show stopper.

Another problem is that there is often a “knock-on” effect where one problem leads to another and then another. What could have been avoided through an advanced understanding of the home and project and a comprehensive design plan quickly becomes a nightmare.

At Performance Kitchens & Home, our team has a huge amount of experience with the very special homes in our area. This allows us to anticipate challenges before they become problems and to implement a kitchen design process that will deliver your kitchen on time and on budget. There is simply no other firm that has our level of expertise or has created as many fine kitchens in the Philadelphia as Performance Kitchens.

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